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Why Study Abroad

Studying abroad is an experience of a lifetime and that’s why millions of Indian students are choosing countries like USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Germany, Japan, Dubai, Singapore and other countries for UG, PG & advanced studies.

Why Studying Abroad is the Right Decision

A Variety of Course Options

Our course package is compact and impactful that includes :

Universities and colleges in foreign countries offer a wider variety of courses along with research facilities and skill-based teaching. So while studying abroad you expand your horizon to a great extent. Few course programs abroad may allow you to take different courses at the same time as well. SGES helps in finding the best course option for you.

High Employability

Candidates with overseas exposure are highly sought after by employers globally. A foreign degree puts you ahead of the competitors when it comes to jobs & internships.

Boost in Language Skills

A strong language skill is essential to excel in academics & career. International students interact with English/German/Japanese (etc) speakers on day to day basis. This makes grasping the language easier. Studying and doing jobs among foreign language speakers might seem to be challenging, but it would become easier in course of time.

Global Exposure

While studying abroad you manage different situations, you study and you do part-time jobs while living amid a cosmopolitan culture. Naturally you become experienced and get aware about the global scenario and you gain a global perspective which is highly beneficial in the long run.

Work Experience

While studying abroad you have immense opportunities to do part-time jobs on or off campus. The working hours vary in different countries. Such experience turns you into a professional eventually.

Post-Study Work Rights

Various countries give international students post-study work right up to 5 years. So after finishing your studies you may work in your chosen field.

Settlement Options

It would be easier for you to migrate to a foreign country if you were a student there and have spent a considerable part of your student life. In Canada, for example, it is easier for Indian students to gain Permanent Residency.

Choose the Best Study Abroad Destination

SGES helps you in finding the best study abroad destination.

Choosing to study abroad is a life-changing decision. So you must weigh all the aspects of a country before choosing it for further studies.

How to Choose

List down your interests, do research extensively about universities & colleges, know all about programs offered, its duration and don’t forget to explore job prospects in the country.

You may explore countries that have great prospects for students pursuing your chosen course, level of industrial training and internship opportunities available.

So you may choose New Zealand for Hospitality & Construction Management courses and Germany for Engineering Courses, and like that… Before choosing a country, ensure that the academic style of the country suits you.

Check Study Abroad Cost

Consider the overall expense required in studying at your destination. Calculate various costs including accommodation, utilities, food, transportation, entertainment etc.


Many Universities & Colleges in different study abroad destinations offer scholarships to International students-some up to 100% of tuition fee. Know about them and pick them to reduce your education cost to a great extent.

Part-Time Work Policies

Make sure if you’ll be able to work part-time while studying. This is important as this way you can manage your daily expenses very easily apart from gaining professional experience.

Choose an Intake

The academic year in universities & colleges abroad differ from that in India. Know about various intakes in different countries and apply for the right intake.

Post-Study Work Rights and Job opportunities

You must pick a destination that offers multiple job opportunities for your course and also has a generous post-study work rights. Australia, for example, offers up to 5 years post-study work rights to International students.

Look for Student Visa Policies

Different countries have different student visa requirements. Check carefully for the visa entry requirements of the country you are interested in and choose one for which you would be easily eligible.

Your Course Must Stay Valuable if You Want to Return Back

  • Calculate the return on investment (ROI) and make sure that the chosen course and country make you job ready. And think upon the value of your degree back home if you have planned to return back.
  • Talk to SGES career advisor and know thoroughly when you can apply to study abroad and when you can begin your course in various study abroad destinations.
  • Discuss your profile in detail and get help in mapping the whole career graph.

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